Sign in to Moodle

Problems signing in?
Is this the first time you are logging into Moodle at the Faculty of Medicine?
You will not be able to sign in until you are registered on a course.
The registration is done at the role call and thus you will not be registered in Moodle until this has been done. Until you are registered at the course you may log in as a guest and read some of the information in the course room, but you will not see everything.
If you have used Moodle previously and you are able to sign in but can't see the current course in My Moodle. The same as mentioned above apply and it should show up after the role call. 
If you after the role call still can't sign in you should:
  • Check with your teacher that you are registered for the course and that your name is in the list of students in the course room in Moodle.

  • If this does not solve the problem, you must apply to the LU Service Desk   Phone 046-222 90 00

  • For more information about your student account: Your student account

 Forgot password?
Go to Passport, click the 'user button' to log in with your student account details and update your student account password. If you have forgotten your student account password, you can click on the 'University Admissions button', log in with your details from and update your student account password.

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