How does Moodle work?

5. The course room

5.3. Forum

There are different types of forum in Moodle. These are used for communication and discussions within a group of students or between students and teachers.

There's Forums in which

  • all course participants can read and write
  • only one specific group can write, but everyone can read
  • only one specific group can read and write
  • only specifik group can see that the forum exists

If you are uncertain ask your teacher what type of forum your group has.

NOTE! Teachers can always read and write in all forums.

The discussions are called discussion threads the questions and answers are linked as on a thread for a topic.

The icon for creating a new discussion thread about a particular topic looks like this

The subject line is empty and you need to find an adequate name for your discussion

If there is already a name in the subject line, then you are participating in that particular discussion.

NOTE! Make sure that you participate in the correct discussion. Do not start a new thread in an ongoing discussion.

Do not forget to publish your post

You can also subscribe to a discussion  the block Administration and get e-mail when someone replies (see also the message settings under "My Moodle")