How does Moodle work?

5. The course room

5.2. Assignment

The icon for Assignment is usually accompanied by a text with the name of the task

To upload your document, click Add submission

You can choose to drag the file from your desktop or go to the file manager


Then select Upload  a File and select file (Välj fil). You will then see your computer's file manager and can select the file.

Make sure you select
the correct file to upload.

Click on Upload this file

Now you can see the file and save changes

Your teacher may have settings that allow you now only have a draft. So you have not sent the final work yet.

To submit your assignment, click Submit assignment.

may use a setting that asks you to confirm that you are the author and have used refereces correctly.

Grading status shows you when the task is graded and under Feedback

 you find your grade and teacher comments.

You can also see your grade directly in the course room in the block Administration -> Grades