How does Moodle work?

4. My Moodle

4.1. Administration - My profile

You can find My profile at the upper right corner

You can see your public profile, and find Edit profile through the  Administration

My profile settings 

Here you can:

  • manage information about yourself you want to display
  • edit settings for automatic notifications about events in your courses
  • edit settings for personal messages from other students and teachers

You can also reach the Administration menu from My Moodle

Some explanations to the forms:


  • Username, password, first and surname: you cannot change this, it will be overwritten. Ask your course administrator if you want help with this.
  • Email address: you should not change your email address here. Instead, forward all your student email to the desired email address
  • City / town / country: if these do not match, you can change them yourself
  • Description: Here you can present yourself. Keep in mind that this will be visible to your classes and teachers.

Preferences  (E-mail settings)

  •  Email digest type

There are three choices:

        1. No digest
          you get a new e-mail every time someone writes a new post (or answers an old one) in a forum you subscribe to.
        2. Complete
          that you once a day will receive an e-mail with all the comments made during the day, from forums you subscribe to. (Recommended)
        3. Subjects
          you receive once a day an e-mail with only the titles of the posts made during the day, from forums you subscribe to

The latter two provide a more or less detailed newsletter from the forums in your courses. If you find that you get too many e-mails from Moodle, one of these options is a smooth solution.

  • Forum Auto-subscribe

"Yes" means that you will automatically be subscribed to forums where you post.
Note that you can also select this when you write a post, setting in the profile is just a default.

  • Forum tracking

"Yes: highlight new posts for me" shows new messages you have not read.

  • User picture

The photo you upload appears when you write in forums, send messages or perform other activities in Moodle. Remember that your face should be centered in the picture as the system automatically crops images that are not square. An appropriate image size is 100x100 pixels. You can also write a short description of yourself.

A picture makes it easier to follow discussions and to get to know your classmates and teachers.

Keep in mind that the image will appear in all your course rooms and be visible to both teachers and students..

  • Interests

Here you can enter keywords for things you are interested in and that other students might want to know. In this way you can make connections globally within Moodle. When you click on any of the key words in your profile, you get a list of others who have entered the same keyword.

Example: The Marine 2 Student has stated "Photo" as one of her interests, as she wants to find someone else who shares her interest in photography.