How does Moodle work?

3. Find your way in Moodle

  • The main menu is always at the top.
  • To change language click on Svenska (SV) and then English (En) (1)

  •  You find your course rooms in a link list under My Moodle (2)

  • In a course room:

- Under the main menu there is a breadcrumb menu. It tells you where you are when you clicked on to some of Moodle's resources. Go back and forth by clicking the breadcrumb menu (3).


- Teachers have great opportunities to design their courses which means that links and information can be found at different locations in different course rooms.

- Course menu is in a Block, and these brown blocks may contain different types of information, and can be on either side of the middle sections (4).

- In the middle you will always find the course's main content is usually divided into different sections (5).

- In the Course menu (or named Navigation) you will find shortcuts to the content sections in the middle (6).