Introduction to the Learning Activity: Patient Safety


Introduction to the learning activity

Intended Learning Objective (ILO):

  • Student(s) will read about, reflect on and discuss a concept of Patient Safety from a Global Perspective
  • Student(s) will collaboratively communicate virtually
  • Student(s) will give and receive constructive feedback related to the topic via a virtual exchange with international peers.

Group composition

Make sure that you are in contact with each other and prepare before meeting online; this promotes meaningful communication. You will be provided with a schedule for your meeting sessions: Time schedule for meetings. See further under Main Activity.


  • Main time for online MOODLE meetings in Adobe Connect is  September 22th and September 25th.
  • Deadline for publishing of the 3 issues/aspects of patient safety from your group that you want to address/discuss during the visual collaboration is September 18th: 0900 o'clock (USA time) and 1500 o'clock (Swedish time). This allow your international peers time to review the list. Realistically, you may only get to 1 or 2 topics in the time frame allotted for discussion, but be prepared to have a focus. See assessment criteria below

Criteria used for assessment of learning outcomes

  • If relevant concepts are discussed and illustrative exemplifications (exemplars) are made explicit. (paper or report)
  • If any reflections or/and conclusions are made. (paper or report)
  • If there is clear references to relevant literature. (paper or report)
  • If there is a minimum of three issues/aspects identified for further discussion or exploration that address the global role of nursing in achieving patient safety within an interdisciplinary care team. (virtual collaboration)

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