2017 News Moodle 3.2

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Bok: 2017 News Moodle 3.2
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Datum: söndag, 5 februari 2023, 18:09

1. User menu - Moved links

Some links have been moved from Admin Block and Navigation to the User Menu

  • Clearer profile settings
  • Grades / Reviews
  • Clearer settings for features (Preferences)
  • User's private files are found on Dashboard (former My Moodle)

User menu

2. User menu - Your profile

You reach the profile page from the User Menu

The profile page provides quick links to blog posts, forum discussions and, depending on user privileges, a series of reports.

The page contains links that were previously found in the navigation block.


3. User menu - Preferences

This page contains settings that were previously found in the Administration Block


4. Notification - Settings

You can easily see when you receive a new message or other notification and directly click to read or reply. You can make settings under Preferences.

Notification settings

The choices you prefer determine what is notified and where.

Notification settings

tinymce-kalturamedia-embed||Messages and Notifications in Moodle 3.2 (02:15)||400||285

5. Messages

To send new messages, click the message icon in the menu bar or Messages in the User menu.


If you click on a user's name anywhere in Moodle, you will come to the person's profile page, even there is a link to messages.


You can create a contact list to easily find people you often contact. Here you can also search for a new contact in the courses that you are eligible for. Later you can click the name to block or remove the contact.


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6. Section - Clickable section names

In the block Navigation, section names are clickable


7. Files - Download folder (Zip-file)

You can download a whole folder in zipped format (Zip file collects one or more files and compresses them to take less space). You can find the zipped file in the folder on your computer where your downloaded files usually end up.

Most often, the computers have programs that can open (extract) zipped files.


Folder download

8. Forum - Permalink

New permalink makes it easy to share forum posts. Create a link directly to a specific forum post.

When you click Permalink, the post is highlighted with a blue border. The posts address is now created in the browser's address bar and you can copy and share.


9. Grades / Feedback

In the User menu there is a link to an overview of the completion of your courses.
The page also has a shortcut to your grades / feedback in a specific course.


Overview - all courses

Grade overview

If you click on the course name, you will get a clearer report from that course.

Grade specific

When you click on a specific assignment, you will find even more information from the teacher