Introduction to the Learning Activity: Patient Safety

Introduction to the learning activity

Step 1 Assignment/Exercise


Each student reads the articles/material about patient safety, recommended book chapters and the document from the WHO and ICN links. The groups in Virginia and in Sweden collaboratively discuss and analyze the assigned literature below.

  • WHO - patient safety: Link
  • ICN - patient safety: Link


  • Killiam, L.A., Mossey, S., Montgomery, P., & Timmermans, K.E. (2013). First year nursing students' viewpoints about compromised clinical safety. Nurse Education Today 33,  475–480. 
  • Mitchell, P.H. (2008). Chapter 1: Defining patient safety and quality care. In Hughes,R.G. (Ed.). Patient safety and quality: In evidence-based handbook for nurses. (pp. 1-5). Rockville, MD: Agency for healthcare Research and Quality. 
  • Toffoletto, M.C., & Ruiz, X.R. (2013). Improving patient safety: how and why incidences occur in nursing care. Rev Esc Enferm USP 47(5), 1098-1105. Link


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