Introduction to the Learning Activity: Patient Safety

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Course: Spring 2015: International collaboration Lund - Virginia: Nursing Profession
Book: Introduction to the Learning Activity: Patient Safety
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Date: Sunday, 2 April 2023, 1:42 PM



Introduction to the learning activity

Intended Learning Objective (ILO):

  • Student(s) will read about, reflect on and discuss a concept of Patient Safety from a Global Perspective
  • Student(s) will collaboratively communicate virtually
  • Student(s) will give and receive constructive feedback related to the topic via a virtual exchange with international peers.

Group composition

Make sure that you are in contact with each other and prepare before meeting online; this promotes meaningful communication. You will be provided with a schedule for your meeting sessions: Time schedule for meetings. See further under Main Activity.


  • Main time for online MOODLE meetings in Adobe Connect is from February 9th - February 11th.
  • Deadline for publishing of the 3 issues/aspects of patient safety from your group that you want to address/discuss during the visual collaboration is February 3rd:   0900 o'clock (USA time) and 1500 o'clock (Swedish time). This allow your international peers time to review the list. Realistically, you may only get to 1 or 2 topics in the time frame allotted for discussion, but be prepared to have a focus. See assessment criteria below

Criteria used for assessment of learning outcomes

  • If relevant concepts are discussed and illustrative exemplifications (exemplars) are made explicit. (paper or report)
  • If any reflections or/and conclusions are made. (paper or report)
  • If there is clear references to relevant literature. (paper or report)
  • If there is a minimum of three issues/aspects identified for further discussion or exploration that address the global role of nursing in achieving patient safety within an interdisciplinary care team. (virtual collaboration)
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Step 1 Assignment/Exercise


Each student reads the articles/material about patient safety, recommended book chapters and the document from the WHO and ICN links. The groups in Virginia and in Sweden collaboratively discuss and analyze the assigned literature below.

  • WHO - patient safety: Link
  • ICN - patient safety: Link


  • Killiam, L.A., Mossey, S., Montgomery, P., & Timmermans, K.E. (2013). First year nursing students' viewpoints about compromised clinical safety. Nurse Education Today 33,  475–480. 
  • Mitchell, P.H. (2008). Chapter 1: Defining patient safety and quality care. In Hughes,R.G. (Ed.). Patient safety and quality: In evidence-based handbook for nurses. (pp. 1-5). Rockville, MD: Agency for healthcare Research and Quality. 
  • Toffoletto, M.C., & Ruiz, X.R. (2013). Improving patient safety: how and why incidences occur in nursing care. Rev Esc Enferm USP 47(5), 1098-1105. Link


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    Step 3 Publishing/posting the reflective paper

    Finalizing a reflective paper

    After having your international exchange session, the group  should consider how the collaboration expanded their own thinking on the topic of patient safety as a global initiative and the role of professional nursing globally in promoting patient safety within interdisciplinary care teams.

    Capture this reflection in a written reflective paper and/or written report as directed by your course faculty.

    Sharing thoughts with international peers promotes professional collaboration and dissemination of knowledge. 

    Good luck and enjoy the opportunity as future nurse leaders to collaborate with international peers. 

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