Introduction to the Learning Activity: Patient Safety

Introduction to the learning activity

Step 2 Virtual meetings

The contact people for each group of 4 should use personal communication within MOODLE to contact the contact person in the other country to introduce themselves and share any preliminary thoughts they might have about hosting this global collaboration on the assignment topic. Building a profile setting in MOODLE can enhance introductions prior to meeting on line in Adobe Connect.

The schedule of assigned Adobe sessions (day,date, local time and room location) is posted below this handbook on the main course page (Spring 2014).

Groups should assemble at the designated time in the assigned location to sign into MOODLE and their designated Adobe Session. Follow the directions set by the local IT staff to ensure that the group is able to log into the session and both video and camera are engaged. The sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes to allow sufficient time to log out and exit before the next group arrives for their session.

Sitting within camera shot around a table at each site provides for better communication when engaging groups of 8.

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