Submit half-time report (introduction and materials and methods sections)

Submit a half-time report consisting of the Introduction and Materials and methods sections for peer review by a fellow student. The Introduction and Materials and methods sections must be written following the Author guidelines provided for the course. The submission will then be sent for peer review by an anonymous fellow student much like peer review of manuscripts submitted to a scientific journal would be. The "editor" (course coordinator) will assign "reviewers" to each half-time submission. The peer reviewing fellow students should perform a critical review to identify errors, short comings and other deficiencies in the content, scope, form and layout of the half-time submission and provide written constructive suggestions on how the submission can be improved. The half-time submission should also be assessed by the peer reviewer using the same assessment criteria for the written report (sections 1.4 and 1.5) as the examination committee will at the end of the course. The "editor" will forward the review comments back to the submitting student.