Submit home exam on scientific publishing

The exam consists of four questions that should be solved. Question (task) 1-3 gives a maximum of 5 points and the 4th question is worth 3 points. For passing the exam you must have at least 12 points in total. Try to limit the answer on each question to 1 page max. You can freely use the course material, books, Internet etc, but note that the assignments must be answered individually. Please give proper references and citations for why you think certain things should be handled differently. We will likely not answer any questions during the home exam time period, but if you notice something that is unclear in the instructions for the assignment, please email to If it is necessary, we will email both the question and the answer to the participants of the course, so that everyone gets the same information. The exam should be submitted on Moodle no later than 12.00 (noon) Monday 25th March 2019.

Good luck!