Present project plan orally

A few weeks into the course the project plan is presented to fellow students and the course coordinator at a special project plan seminar. The oral presentations will give students an opportunity to discuss their project and plans with fellow students. Being forced to present early on in the project will make sure that the students have understood what the project is about. Obviously the presentations will have to be focused on the aim and plan rather than presentation of results. The oral presentation seminar will be organized similar to a session at a scientific congress where oral presentations have been selected from submitted abstracts. The presentations will be organized into sessions by the course coordinator depending on the topics of the different projects. Each presenter will have to present their project in 10 minutes with 2 minutes available for questions from the audience. There will also be some additional time at the end of the seminars for more feedback and discussion. Presenters are not allowed to exceed the time limit and the presenters will be cut off after 10 minutes. Presentations prepared in Microsoft Powerpoint are preferred. Please be in time before the seminar to upload your presentation on the computer or e-mail it to the course coordinator so that he can upload it in advance. If you are bringing your own computer, make sure you have the correct adapters etc. The oral presentation of the project plan will be assessed using these criteria: