To students in the programmes in biomedicine!

Teaching in the autumn term 2020 will, due to the corona pandemic, be carried out both digitally and on the university's premises. We are doing our very best to ensure that you will receive teaching of the highest possible quality, while we adapt teaching and premises to limit the risk of the spread of infection. 

Take responsibility 

As a student, you must also take your individual responsibility to limit the spread of infection. In Skåne, we are currently seeing an increased spread of infection, especially among young adults, which is worrying. We ask you to please: 

  • Stay home if you have symptoms This is true even if it has only mild symptoms. Students who come to teaching on the university premises with symptoms of covid 19 will be asked to go home by the teacher. 

  • Keep a distance from other people. This applies both in the classrooms and outside. Go straight in and sit in your classroom and go straight out when the class is over. We ask you not to gather in groups in corridors, lunch rooms or study areas. 

  • Remember to keep your distance even in your free time. Student activities in leisure time are a large and important part of student life at Lund University. We ask you to be careful even in your free time to stay away and stay at home if you have symptoms. This does not apply to the novice activities you will be invited to by the student union. 

  • For more information and updates please follow

Below you will find links to useful general information about the programmes in biomedicine. 
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Contact information

Here you can find information about us who works with the programme, and how you can get in contact with us.

General information Bachelor and Master

Here you can find programme syllabuses and information page for more information regarding the two Biomedicine programmes, Bachelor and Master.


Here you can find information regarding web registration and entry requirements

Study support

Here you can find information about the Academic Calender (semester periods), your Student account, study forms, studies abroad etc.

Project data base

Here you can find information and the link to our Project database